As a member of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart commits itself to educate to I) a personal and active faith in God, II) a deep respect for intellectual values, III) a social awareness which impels to action, IV) the building of community as a Christian value; and V) personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.  As students participate in community service activities, they work toward all of these goals, but most specifically toward Goal III- a social awareness which impels to action.  Through the use of their time and talents, our students work to create a more just world where each person’s dignity is respected.  The work in which our students engage is diverse and meaningful, ranging from senior homes to urban food programs, from local events to national programs.  It is the hope that students develop relationships with those whom they serve and therefore build community in new ways.  Students engage in reflections on service throughout their religion courses, allowing them to grow in their understanding of the world and in their compassion to all.